Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Best Friends (Jenny,Oneng,Gede,Iphenk)

Finally The Day was comming..
Thx God..

"Graduation Friendship"

We’re graduating, and we know
Our lives will be different and new;
We’re going out into the world,
Our goals and dreams to pursue.

But one thing will never, ever change,
As we go our separate ways;
The friends we’ve made in school will be
Our friends for the rest of our days.

The special ties and attachments we’ve made,
These bonds will never be broken;
We’ll continue to feel the closeness,
Though words may not be spoken.

So it’s not "goodbye," but rather "farewell;"
I’ll see you again, my friend.
Your friendship means a lot to me,
And it will never end.

By: Joanna Fuchs


  1. Alin sie gak jd ke bdg..pdhal kan hrusnya da wajah kalian tenang ja, wajah kalin masih tetap terpajang deep in my heart qo..hehe..romantis sekali kata-kataku..hahaha..yah maklum lah mantan pujangga...Mizz u guyz..

  2. nov... gw iseng2 nih buka blog loe...
    xixixixix lucu banget...
    pengen punya blog tp males ngisinya...heheheheeh
    yahh photo gw jg ga ada sih...

    miz u so much nov....
    kayak dah lama ga ktm aj :D